NOW has adopted a flock of adorable pink flamingos, but they’re getting impatient for some sunlight and fresh air after being cooped up all winter. Because of this, we have decided to let them help us raise money for our mission of supporting the youth in The Quiet Corner.

We’ve made it very simple for you to help migrate a friendly flock of flamingos to your friends’ front lawn. Just visit our website and complete the flocking form – as soon as the flock is free, they’ll fly right on over!

  • A $50 donation is a small flock of 15 flamingos
  • A $75 donation is a medium flock of 30 flamingos
  • A $100 donation is a large flock of 45 flamingos

Don’t despair! Anti-flocking insurance is available for $75 and will guarantee your yard to be free from feathered friends!