At this time of year, perhaps more than any other, we have much to be thankful for…  Children and families, friends and  partners as well as community.  As I cast an eye back on 2013, I know that we have much to be thankful for at Northeast Opportunities for Wellness, Inc. Allow me a moment to highlight a few memorable moments and say “thank you”.

In 2013 …

  • We welcomed our first-ever paid employees
  • We expanded our outreach to alliance partners
  • We increased our footprint in the communities we serve
  • We reached new heights in fundraising, in fact, in these challenging times, set a new record
  • We began an all new Running program
  • We facilitated Football, Cheerleading, Basketball and Soccer clinics, camps and academies; featuring beginner instruction, fitness and nutrition education
  • We provided free fields to teams, schools, clubs and academies serving more than 500 children
  • We hosted a fabulous 2nd Annual 3.5ish Mile Road Race and Kids Race as both a wellness/fitness event and a fundraiser
  • We gathered in style for fine food and drink at 2nd Annual NOW TASTE event at the Elsinore Mansion in Pomfret and raised more $10,000.00 net
  • We have been the beneficiaries, indeed recipients, of an amazing amount of in-kind and cash contributions from Quiet Corner individuals and businesses too numerous to list here!
  • We expanded our Board and continued the challenging work of refining our governance and operating procedures
  • We have many dedicated and hardworking all-volunteer committee chairs and all-volunteer, unpaid Board directors
  • We served nearly 1,000 children on 2 gorgeous field complexes: NOW Field at Logee Park and Blackwell Field in Canterbury-Brooklyn as well at area high schools like Woodstock Academy and Tourtellotte Memorial HS
  • We have kept fitness, nutrition and sports access for children at the center of our mission, values and vision
  • We have great people like you supporting us today and tomorrow

There are many more things we are thankful for at N.O.W., but for now (!) as we look ahead to the holidays and 2014 let me simply thank you, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, for all you have done to help us help children.May your holiday season be filled with friends and family around hearth and home.  And may you know of my heartfelt thanks for all of your many contributions to N.O.W.

Your friend in service to children, gratefully,