The Exchange Club of Northeast Connecticut is pleased to announce that it will merge its club membership and activities with those of Northeast Opportunities for Wellness, Inc. (NOW).  Both organizations share similar missions for strengthening communities and serving the children and families in Northeast Connecticut.

The Boards of both organizations recently agreed to move forward with merging the two club memberships.  As of July 1, 2016 members of the Exchange Club will become members of NOW and they will provide additional focus on issues of wellness related to the prevention of child abuse.  This will also help with overall goal of promoting the many aspects of “wellness” essential to fostering healthy communities.

Christine Collins, President of the Exchange Club of Northeast Connecticut noted that merging the two organizations allows members to enhance and unite their activities to promote child and family wellness and strengthen fundraising and community service.

“The people of Northeast Connecticut are among the most generous and compassionate you will ever find,” said Collins. “On behalf of all who have been members of the Exchange Club of Northeast Connecticut over more than 50 years, we thank the community for their tireless support of the Exchange Club mission to prevent child abuse and create a strong, safe, country and community for all.”

“By combining our memberships we create a stronger service organization for “now” as well as the future, in which our entire membership and supporters can better focus our efforts to direct limited resources to help improve child health and life-long wellness throughout the community, enhancing the vision and mission of the Exchange Club of Northeast Connecticut” added Collins.

Northeast Opportunities for Wellness, is a non-profit human services organization focused on youth wellness. Serving the 10-town area of Northeast Connecticut, NOW provides children with the opportunity to participate in area athletics programs, offering scholarships to the youth of the community with up to 95{935c65a732af2bdfdcd0903b52ce42ca7e95cf00c7f9fc1a7b4e2b425875eda7} of the cost being subsidized by NOW. The mission of the organization is to provide ALL children, regardless of financial resources, equal opportunities to achieve & maintain youth wellness, beginning at an early age.

With a focus on youth wellness and providing a healthy foundation for children living in the region, NOW’s mission will be strengthened by the addition of Exchange Club members and programming. NOW is eager to broaden its reach with the additional support of active members and enhanced access to education for children, coaches, and parents.

Sarah Mortensen, Executive Director of NOW, commented, “As our organization grows, our focus on wellness continues to expand and we are truly excited for the possibilities presented to us with the addition of the Exchange Club. We are certain that this partnership will help us provide safe spaces for children to play, learn, and thrive.”