On Sunday, February 9th, Northeast Opportunities for Wellness, Inc. will team up with Tri-Town American Legion Baseball to host a free indoor baseball clinic at Tourtellotte Memorial High School in Thompson. The event is open to children ages 7 to 13 and will run from 12 to 2pm in the TMHS gymnasium. Participats will rotate through a variety of skill stations, including: Throwing/Pitching, Catching, Batting, Fielding, and a NOW fitness/nutrition activity.

This event is the first in a series of free wellness clinics that NOW will host in 2020. All clinics are intended to introduce a variety of sports and healthy activities to area children. NOW works with local coaches and older student athletes to plan and run the clinics, with a goal of showing proper techniques and to promote participation in sports. Continuing the youth clinic series, NOW will host the 5th annual Running & Track Clinic on March 1st at Tourtellotte Memorial High School from 1 to 3pm.

Registration is currently available online for both clinics. For more information on NOW or to sign up for the Baseball Clinic, visit: www.nowinmotion.org.

NOW is a non-profit human services organization focused on youth wellness. NOW provides children with the opportunity to participate in area wellness activities and athletics programs, offering scholarships to the youth of the community with up to 95% of the cost being subsidized by NOW. The mission of the organization is to provide ALL children, regardless of financial resources, equal opportunities to achieve & maintain youth wellness, beginning at an early age.