NOW, WIC, and the Nurturing Families Network teamed up to host a National Nutrition Month event labeled “Healthy Bites for Little Bits” on March 23, 2021. NOW Executive Director, Tayler Shea, signed onto the zoom nutrition event to educate children and families on sugar consumption, what it does to our bodies, and how to reduce the amount of sugar in our day to day diets! NOW displayed the photoed sugar board to visually showcase the amount of sugar in beverages commonly consumed by children! Participating children also constructed a fruit, yogurt, and cereal parfait with WIC, and then enjoyed breakfast while watching an interactive nutrition video and playing nutrition trivia with the NFN! All families received a goodie bag prior to the event with the parfait ingredients, a chef hat, apron, and iddy biddy tongs! Families also received educational material, interactive nutrition activities, and a healthy snack for later!