NOW Wellness Leaders, Courtney (left) and Mackenzie (right) had a great time  at the Plainfield Little Leauge picture day on June 13, 2021 ! They had a blast teaching lesson focused on fitness and nutrition and offering entries into a raffle for children who complete a fun fitness challenge! All families get sent home with a NOW goodie bag and healthy snack! ???

CONGRATULATIONS to our raffle winner, Chloe, who got to take home NOW’s Plainfield little league raffle!

Chloe participated in a fun fitness challenge with NOW Wellness Leaders at Plainfield little league picture day and because she successfully completed the challenge, she was entered into our raffle. Chloe & her family were ECSTATIC to win a whole tub of baseballs, a baseball bat backpack and two NOW reusable water bottles.
Awesome job, Chloe and the rest of the players at Plainfield little league who did a great job participating in the fitness challenges such as planks, push-ups, jumping jacks and so much more while also learning about nutrition!